Our names are Margaret Stevenson
and Cindy Uzzell.

Welcome to our website.

I’d always wanted to have my own business, but nothing had ever quite fitted what I was looking for. On the verge of retirement, I’d begun to think the opportunity had passed me by. Then I found this business. It had a product I could believe in and a business plan with the opportunity to earn a generous income.

I’ve parachuted, sky dived, been white water rafting, flown in a microlight, travelled extensively, competed in marathons, but it’s been a long time since anything excited me as much as this business does. Sky diving might give a short adrenalin rush but this business has the ability to be a life changing experience.

While Cindy and I are from totally different generations, we have been both been drawn to this business by a passionate desire for financial independence and a genuine love of working with positive people.

Please look carefully through the information in the rest of our website and give yourself the opportunity to improve your life and lifestyle.

– Margaret Stevenson

What kind of work will I need to do?

Probably exactly what you’re doing at your current job, or have done in the past, to make money for other people. You will simply plan what needs to be done, organize your time, and do it.

Here is the difference: YOU will be making the profits – not someone who considers you their work-slave and is only using you as a means to create their own fortune.

And here is another difference: YOU will decide when and how much you want to work. (You can forget about setting your alarm unless you want to.)

I don’t know where to start. Will I be on my own?

No, you won’t be alone in your new business venture. You’ll be working with other entrepreneurs just like yourself: People who have the same thoughts, desires, hopes and dreams of financial success and personal freedom.

When everyone works together, everyone profits!

You’ll learn how to:
  • Take control of your financial future
  • Change your life and your lifestyle starting this week!
  • Enjoy a lifestyle of your choice
  • Have everyone wondering how you “did it”!
  • NO personal explaining
  • NO hassling your friends and family
  • NO stockpiling or shipping products
  • NO hiring staff
  • NO MLM or pyramids
Let us tell you what we DO NOT do!!
  • We do not hold one on one presentations
  • We do not spam (unsolicited e-mail)
  • We do not inventory products
  • We do not do home parties
  • We do not cold call
  • We do not explain. (And you will not have too either!)